Sunday, 15 May 2011

Reach for the Black Stars!

Greetings from Pearson International Airport!

We're currently chilling at the gate waiting for out flight to Newark, New Jersey. We have 2 lay overs, one in Newark, then one in Washington. Then, IT'S STRAIGHT TO ACCRA! (Cue loud cheering and applause). It's a long trip, totalling over 24 hours, but that means I get a lot of time to type out the current happenings. :)

Pre-departure training (Pre-dep) went by so fast! I can't believe we're already on our way! But get this: my head-space has changed soooo much since last Sunday, and in a good way. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous coming into Pre-dep. I didn't feel ready to tackle my placement or even make it through the adventure. However, after an intense week of sessions and what I like to call self-evals, I feel surprisingly calm and therefore positively excited! Woot woot! I mean, c'mon, I'm going to Ghana for the summer! The African country with the best National Football Team! Did you know that football (and I mean soccer) played a key role in the independence of Ghana? Cool eh?

Here is the first instalment of DANIELA'S BLOG CHALLENGE! (Read this in a deep, game show host voice)
I challenge you to name all countries in Africa! Click on this Sporcle link!
*Please note, that some of the countries have changed since this Sporcle was made (i.e. one country just had a referendum). So just do it to the best of your ability.
Here are the rules. You cannot reference any resources while completed the challenge. You may, however, study the countries before beginning the challenge. Also, you only get 3 chances at the challenge. There is no way for me to monitor this, but I trust that you will be honest. :)
Whoever names the highest number of countries will receive a surprise upon my return to Canada. You can let me know, either by commenting on the post, e-mail, or Facebook. The deadline for completing this challenge is July 15th. Good luck!

Okay, now back to the blog. Throughout this week, I have realized the importance of asking for help. You should never be afraid to show that you do not know something, or have some weakness. Let's be real, no one knows all the answers. The realization of this made me think about my own humility, and that my fear of asking for help has to do with me thinking that when people put responsibility in me, I assume they expect me to know how to do it all. This is not realistic, and the outcome of whatever it is usually turns out better when you get help anyway! It's win-win! In order to strive towards your full potential, you need some support from your buddies. Reach for the top, by reaching out to others. So, the moral of the story is: Ask for help. Do not be afraid to show weakness.

I will leave you guys with that for now. Good luck on the challenge! And remember, help is a good thing!

Later days,


  1. Corsetti, I've been able to ace that Sporcle for years. And the one with all the countries of the world. Can I get a bonus prize?

  2. Great advice. Great challenge. Can't wait for ontheground post numero uno. You're my hero. -ellen