Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ghana-3, Congo-1

Hey guys!

Guess what? I WENT TO THE GHANA vs. CONGO NATIONS CUP QUALIFIER ON FRIDAY!!!! I saw the Black Stars play! I saw my first international match ever! I cannot contain my excitement (I’m even surprised I waited until today to blog about it!)

It was absolutely amazing! Crazy loud, crazy spirit, crazy football!

A few minutes before the match started, it began pouring rain. Some people went to take shelter under the overhang into the stands, but most just stayed where they were. As soon as the game started, everyone was back in their seats; NO ONE LEFT! The stadium was packed, except for a few rows closest to the pitch (worst view of the field). I was totally in awe of the commitment of the fans!

How did I score this deal, you may be asking? One of the perks of living in Kumasi, I guess. ;)

Ghanaians love football! So an extension student (student who already works for the ministry and comes back to upgrade their degree) organized a bus from the college to the stadium. Principal asked if I would like to go, and obviously, I didn’t hesitate!

There was a little damper on my experience, and it wasn’t the weather. You see, many students packed into the bus, general and extension. I was introduced to one of the extension students, and I was going to stick with him. We ended up getting separated from the general students, and before I even knew what was happening, myself and 3 extension students were going to the VIP section of the stadium. Also known as the only part with “obrunis” or whites. Yup… there it was. The whole white privilege thing. It really got me down; one because I didn’t realize, and two because there really wasn’t anything I could do about it.

At that point, I thought to myself I can either sit through the game beating myself up about it, or let it go and enjoy myself. I went with the latter.

The price of being naïve was I think the other students had a better view. 

Let me paint a picture of how intense Ghanaians are about their football. Two fights broke out around me because people were standing and blocking other spectators’ views. One guy even grabbed on of our water bottles and sprayed on the people standing because they wouldn’t sit.

There was a buzz of cheering the entire game. Up near the top of the stands, there were large groups of people with instruments and choreographed dance sequences, performing the whole time. Now that’s what I call fans!

There were no goals the first half, and the fans were getting antsy. I myself was getting nervous… I mean, the Black Stars are one of my favourite football teams. I predicted the score would be 3-1, and nil-nil at the half did not look good.

And then… it happened.


The crowd went nuts! Jumping up and cheering! Man, it felt sooo good! What a moment!
Another 3 goals came about; 2 by Ghana, and 1 a mistake by the Ghanaian keeper, Kingson. It was rough…fans were saying he should play for another team. Needless to say… it was a bad move.

My prediction was right: 3-1. Ballin’!

Later days,


  1. Great story Daniela, sounds like a blast! Sounds like something I might have to do the next time I'm in Ghana. I hope your rocking out!

    Thanks, Ben

  2. Awesome adventure! My Chipolopolo Boys (Zambia's team) also won their qualifier yesterday!

    Go Black Stars!


  3. yo corsetti... just caught up on like 4 of your blog posts. jeez you write about the real stuff, respect! inspiring as always. cant wait to see you and just LISTEN to your experiences all day!